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Session Descriptions


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Raschke Jessica (Australia)
'Whiteness' and Australian Publishing: Taking a Ride on the 'Ethnic Bandwagon' - 30 min Conference Paper
This paper considers the ways in which the ideology of 'whiteness' is pervasive in the Australian publishing industry. It considers the history of 'ethnic' or 'multicultural' writing as a means to explore how the cultural identities of authors have been shaped, understood and marketed by Australian publishing industry practices, and how the ideology of 'whiteness' informs such practices.

William Harroff (United States) Charlotte Johnson
(r)Evolutionary (e)Books Travelling Tour: Never Think of a Book in the Same Way, Again - 60 min Workshop
(r)Evolutionary (e)Books Traveling Tour" has included presentations in art departments; academic, public and private libraries; METRO; the Illinois State Library; as well as professional conferences such as the Library and Information Technology Association National Forum; the Illinois Library Association and the first joint conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America / Visual Resources Association.

Dr. Michelle W. Sisson (United States)
African American Women's Book Club: The Role of Reading in Their Lives - Virtual Presentation
African Americans have been depicted in deficit modes with regard to literacy. Historically, however, there is a long and rich history of creation, dissemination, and interaction with literary works and particularly women's literary societies and bookclubs. This is the story of one such bookclub.

Renée Otmar (Australia)
All Dressed Up ...: Editors Stake Out their Future in the Knowledge Economy - 30 min Conference Paper
Along the brand-new speedway that is the knowledge economy, editors stand at the intersection between the commercial and the cultural imperatives of this unique industry.

Lea Giles-Peters (Australia)
Amazing books – incredible stories – The Centre of the Idea at the State Library of Queensland - 30 min Conference Paper

Mike Ottoy (Australia)
The Application of eBook Technology in Australia - 60 min Workshop
A look at eBook hardware and software, and the application of these systems in a number of industrial environments in Australia including lending libraries, education and defence.

Manfred Breede (Canada)
The Better Book: Adding Value to Text Books - Virtual Presentation
On why, how and under what circumstances textbooks can become better teaching resources when intergrated with interactive software.

Jenny Lee (Australia)
Beyond Gatekeeping: Publishing in an Era of Information Overload - 30 min Conference Paper
The present wave of technological change holds both promise and peril for book publishing. In principle, digitisation and near-instantaneous communication have the potential to circumvent some of the industry's most persistent problems: its high level of risk, the geographical dispersion of its markets, and the tendency for outlays on materials and distribution to swamp the rewards for intellectual and creative work

Theresa Barbara Graham (New Zealand)
Birth, Death or Eternal Life? The Lifecycle of the Book: Preservation and Digitisation Initiatives at Auckland City Libraries in the 21st Century - 30 min Conference Paper
Auckland City Libraries has an extraordinarily rich and diverse collection of heritage materials, due to the founding gift to the City by governor Sir George Grey. In the last ten years we have, as keepers of the collective memory, explored ways in which to ensure the ongoing preservation of and access to these treasures, for the benefit of future generations.

Richard Vines (Australia)
The Book Industry and Knowledge Management Capacity Development: An Overview of the Learnings arising from the EPICS Scheme - 60 min Workshop
The EPICS scheme has provided a fertile source of learnings that are relevant to all those that have in interest in "The Future of the Book". The tacit skills of the book production industry are fundamental to the continued growth of knowledge management capacity in an information economy. What might be the implications of these trends, particularly for the print / IT / knowledge / education and training industries?

Simone Murray (Australia)
Book-to-Screen Literary Adaptations and the Content Economy - 30 min Conference Paper
An analysis of the trend for book-to-screen literary adaptations and its implications for the role of the book in the modern content economy.

Stephen Meckstroth (United States)
Books in Your Face: Optimizing Research Access to Print Materials - 30 min Conference Paper
This paper argues that whole sections of books in future libraries will be custom assembled and delivered to the reader/researcher via automated systems.

Mark Macleod (Australia)
The Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards and 'Literary Excellence' - 30 min Conference Paper
A publisher's reading of the Children's Book Council of Australia's criterion 'literary excellence' in its Book of the Year Awards over fifty years.

Julie Faulkner (Australia)
Conversations with the Printed Page: The Call of the Book - 60 min Workshop
This workshop explores the nature of our engagement with text, especially print text, and asks how reading works as a private as well as a social form of engagement.

Denise Troll Covey (United States)
Copyright Permission: Turning to Dust or Digital - 30 min Conference Paper
A new approach to seeking copyright permission to digitize books and offer them free-to-read on the web.

Danny L. O'Neal (United States) Lee Ann Howlett (United States)
Core Academic Medical Books: Electronic Indexing is the Difference - Virtual Presentation
A presentation regarding the revolutionary effect the electronic book with its multifunction index has had on the study of medicine.

Kemal Silay (United States)
Covers and Enclosures: From Medieval Bookmaking to (Post)modern Computer Designs - 60 min Workshop
My paper attempts to contribute to the rapidly growing and changing discussions of text(uality) as developments in computer technology affect the way readers/users/owners interact with the 'text' and object.

Margaret Stieg Dalton (United States)
The Decline of the Scholarly Monograph? - 30 min Conference Paper
A comparison of the publication and use of the scholarly monograph in 1975 and 2000 in three fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Anni Rowland-Campbell (Australia)
Developing Knowledge Workers for the Graphic Arts and Related Industries into the 21st Century - 30 min Conference Paper
Developing Knowledge Workers in the graphic arts and related industries for the new Knowledge Economy

Dr Adrian Heathcote (Australia)
Digital Typography and Book Design: How to Make Books Beautiful Again - 60 min Workshop
In the U.K. and Australia book design and the accompanying digital typography, is at its lowest ebb. I show how this may be rectified by the skillful use of new techniques.

Owen Hall (United States)
Distance Learning Knowledge Systems - Virtual Presentation
The purpose of this paper is to introduce an Internet-based distance learning system that is designed to improve the delivery and effectiveness of management training.

Kurt Lushington (Australia)
E-book Devices as a Medium for Delivering Educational Material - 30 min Conference Paper
In this paper we report the findings of study in postgraduate students examining the acceptance of e-book devices for delivering text-based teaching material.

Che Zulkhairi Abdullah (Malaysia) Forest Lim (Malaysia) Marlia Khalid Izuzi (Malaysia)
E-device: Experimental Learning Device for e-Learning System - Virtual Presentation
E-learning environment currently being developed for maximum virtual experiences with minimal physical interactions. This minimal or non-physical contacts leave a void space between the content (delivery system) and the end-user.

Kylie Strange (Australia)
E-Learning: A Case Study - How Online Educational Publishing can Meet 21st Century Learning Challenges - The MacquarieNet User as Author - 30 min Conference Paper
Examines how MacquarieNet is meeting some of the demands of new learning approaches in the 21st century, by providing online resources and authoring tools to aid in collaborative student research.

Luke Naismith (Australia)
E-Transformation in the Book Production Industry: Building Capacity for a Future Knowledge-Intensive Environment. - 30 min Conference Paper
E-transformation is about integrating information and communications technologies to in new ways to explore and release new productive capacities.

Carolyne Cohn (Australia) Chris von Hinckledey (Australia)
E-volving, E-xciting. E-vanish? - 30 min Conference Paper
Overview of issues in selling books to libraries, covering the last five years and looking at the next five.

Julie Whiting (Australia)
Ebooks and the Future: Pathfinders to Information for Education - 30 min paper
The research examines if ebooks can benefit education by facilitating access to information and providing enhanced teaching and learning environments.

Helena Bond (Australia)
The Editor's Craft: Coaching Writers and Publishers to Honour Readers/Users - 30 min Conference Paper
Editors are the key to ensuring that readers and users are viewed as honoured customers not lost to the competition.

Rob Scovell-Lightfoot (New Zealand)
The Electronic Book in the Developing World - 30 min Conference Paper
Greenstone is an open source digital library product from Waikato University. It uses low-spec technology to provide ebooks to the developing world.

Keith Archer (Canada)
Electronic Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Attitudes of a Sample of Canadian Academics - 30 min Conference Paper
Results of a survey of the attitudes towards electronic publishing among a national sample of faculty members in Canadian universities, in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities

Ebe Kartus
eReadings: New Rendering over Old Brick? - 30 min Conference Paper
A brief outline of Deakin University's current procedures for Electronic Readings will be provided. The paper will discuss the future vision for this service, including greater linkages between the items. Issues covered will include how alternative renderings could be more easily obtained and the need for digital object identifiers for material to a fine level of granularity.

Joel Bonn (Canada) Helen Amoriggi (Canada)
Fast-Foreword to April 23rd, 2020: If you're having a problem keeping up with your reading today... with the volume of print increasing exponentially, imagine how much farther behind you'll be in 2020... when e-publishing becomes the norm! - 60 min Workshop
This hour-long workshop on SpeedReading Productivity (c), offers 3 specific techniques that must be mastered by readers who want to cope with the deluge on page and screen in the year 2020. It will also examine how future readers must be trained to face the coming 'e-revolution' in the distribution, archiving and rapid retrieval of words.

Jennifer L Sonderby (United States)
Fastphoric: Reading into the Future - 30 min Conference Paper
The design and content of Fastphoric, a fiction-based codex book, will be used as a vehicle to discuss how print and screen-based reading methods inform one another, addressing issues of language, technology and reading in the future.

Linsey Silver (United States)
The Form of the Book: The Role of Standardization on the Authority of the Reader - Virtual Presentation
This presentation will explore the standardization of book design as a visual language. It will discuss the authority of both the producer and the consumer.

Margaret Gauld (Australia)
Freedom of (e) Choice: The Role of Ebooks in Academic Libraries - 30 min Conference Paper
Examines the need for librarians to articulate the role of ebooks in academic libraries and the extent to which ebooks replace or supplement the printed monograph.

Kev Guy (Australia)
Future Bookselling: More Like Yesterday than Today - 30 min Conference Paper
The advent of new technologies and the burgeoning creative economy present opportunities for independent booksellers to rekindle past traditions through new business models.

Marjolein Towler (Australia)
The Future of Graduate and Post-Graduate Text Books: Not an e-book, Not a Website - 30 min Conference Paper
'The Marketing Strategy & Planning Workbook (2003 Digital Version)' is the first Australian created digital graduate text book on CD-ROM to be launched on the US market.

Lisa Gye (Australia)
Halflives: A Mystory - Virtual Presentation
An examination of the process of construction of the Halflives hypertext project in relation to online writing environments and knowledge acquisition and dissemination.

Sharon Wiseman (United States)
History of the Book from Clay Tablets to the E-Book: Adult Learning Methods for Teaching about the Book - 60 min Workshop
Innovative ways of teaching the history of the book to graduate library school students.

Gunnlaugur SE Briem (United States)
How to Set Up Printing-on-demand: A Case History - The Basque Textbook Series at the University of Nevada - Virtual Presentation
The machines keep getting better. They cost less. They are easier to use. Line up the pieces, and you are a publisher.

Nancy Wirsig McClure (United States)
Illustrations that Move: Adding Animation to Clarify the Graphics that Supplement Text - Virtual Presentation
With digital presentation of text-plus-illustrations, book creators can add motion or visual change to any illustration. But such animation is not just 'eye candy'. Informational graphics can be made more understandable with animation. Guidelines can be derived from many examples in other digital media (including the internet and multimedia CD-ROMs) and from research in user interface design, usability, computer-assisted instruction, and cognitive psychology.

Nina D. Ziv (United States)
The Impact of Technology Enabled Innovations on the Book Publishing Industry: An Exploration with Implications for Managerial Practices - 30 min Conference Paper
The introduction of technology enabled innovations into the processes of producing texts has major implications for managers in book publishing firms.

Karen De Wet (South Africa)
The Impact of Technology on the Writing and Publishing of Poetry in the Developing World: A South African Case Study - 30 min Conference Paper
Possibilities for publishing poetry in a multilingual developing country. A case study describing the ways in which poetry is surviving in the Republic of South Africa.

Kwan-Yau Lam (United States)
Interactive Multimedia E-Textbooks and Learning Psychology - Virtual Presentation
An examination of why and how interactive multimedia e-textbooks can enhance and enrich learning from a cognitive and constructivist learning perspective.

Che Zulkhairi Abdullah (Malaysia) Forest Lim (Malaysia) Juhanita Jiman (Malaysia) Abdul Majid Ahmad Zuhairi (Malaysia) Mazlan Mahadzir (Malaysia)
Interactive Physical Controller: A Feature for Electronic Storybook - Virtual Presentation
Physical controller device to have control (immediate or delayed), can capture event/state of sensor/emitter and can be networked for group behaviour or peers activities.

Paul Mercieca (Australia)
Interface Issues for Electronic Publishing: What Should the New 'Book' Look Like - 30 min Conference Paper
This paper will explore interface design issues for electronic publishing, addressing the functionally that should form the new publishing artefact.

Dr Anne Galligan (Australia)
It's a Dead Cert: Fact and Fiction in Electronic Publishing - 30 min Conference Paper
A critique of the language and enthusiasms of the publishing industry in Australia in its response to developments in electronic publishing.

Jo Bramble (Australia)
It's About the Reader: The Changing Perception of the Market as Australian Publishing Channels Change - 60 min Workshop
How are Australian publishers responding in a digital environment? How have their perceptions of the market changed? Through case studies, the world beyond channel conflict will be explored.

Colin Paroz (Australia)
Knowledge for Profit: Exploiting Knowledge within the Organisation to Achieve Greater Sustainable Profit - 60 min Workshop
An exploration of links between knowledge and skills within an organisation and financial performance considering both technical and social aspects.

Che Zulkhairi Abdullah (Malaysia)
Knowledge Representation: Icon and Action-based Learning - Virtual Presentation
Experiencing knowledge (Learning) using electronic devices, or the popular understanding of e-Learning can have other meaning.

M. Gillian Mothersill (Canada)
Marginalized Margins: Investigating the Historical and Future Trends of the Margin in Book Layout - Virtual Presentation
Are margins taking different forms in the e-book? This paper provides a design and economic history of the margin in book layout and evaluates new types of margins in e-books.

Jeffrey Hoffer (United States)
The Meaning of the Texbook: A Student Perspective - Virtual Presentation
This study engages college students in a dialog in order to gain insights into how they perceive electronic texts vis a vis printed texts.

Dr Gloriana St. Clair (United States)
Million Book Project: U.S. and India - 60 min Workshop
The vision of the Million Book project is to make a million books available worldwide on the web. The National Science Foundation has funded equipment and travel while India is supplying labor. Research initiatives are being tackled jointly. Successes and challenges will be discussed.

William P. Palmer (Australia)
Moving to an Extreme: E Haldeman-Julius and his Little Blue Books - Virtual Presentation
This is the story of E. Haldeman-Julius and his little blue books, which were printed very cheaply and eventually sold at only 5cents each.

Wendy Michaels (Australia)
New Ways with Words and Images: Picture Books in the 21st Century - 30 min Conference Paper
Writers and illustrators are stretching the boundaries of the picture book, finding new ways to tell sophisticated stories through innovative juxtapositions of word and image.

David S. Hellman (United States)
Notable Books and Notable Trends: A Librarian's Perspective on Publishing and the Future of the Book - 60 min Workshop
The Chair of the ALA Notable Books Council asks, what books are being published today and why? Are trends in publishing and format threatening the future of the book?

Iain Stevenson (United Kingdom)
Nothing New Under the Sun: Repurposing Content in Publishing, some Theoretical Perspectives and an Historical Case Study - 30 min Conference Paper
Repurposing is seen by many as an innovation in publishing information, facilitated by advances in electronic communication and delivery. This paper argues that the concept has in fact been around for a great deal longer than its proponents claim

Dr. Steven Escar Smith (United States) Dr Fred Heath (United States)
The Once and Future Book - 30 min Conference Paper
A better understanding of the future book can be derived through a better understanding of all the various forms and formats the 'book' has assumed throughout its long history.

Laura Mandell (United States)
The Original Author: How the Author has been Reconceptualized in the Light of Print Technology - Virtual Presentation
This web site gathers together much of the work that has been done over the last forty years about how we conceive of the author and why.

Tony Burch (Australia) Wayne Riggall (New Zealand)
Print. Is it Integral to the Learning Environment?: The Relationship Between Print and Academic Strategies for the Australasian Tertiary Sector - Virtual Presentation
A follow up to recent research that suggests print is not integral to Australian Academic strategy, with more data from both Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Caroline M. Crawford (United States)
Professional Refereed Academic Journal Future Possibilities: Experiences of a Review Editor - Virtual Presentation
A Review Editor for six international refereed academic journals discusses the future of paper-based and Web-based journals within the world of academia.

Bob Holt (United States)
Profitable Global Book Distribution - 60 min Workshop
Speaker will present applications of using 'demand-driven' fulfillment to seamlessly distribute books to a worldwide market.

Bob Jansen
Putting the Reader Back in Control: Engaging Electronic Publishing - 30 min Conference Paper
Testimony Software has been developed to deliver an engaging experience to readers of electronic books. The reader is firmly in control of the whole interaction and can choose the elements with which to interact and how to interact.

Paula M. Roberts (Australia)
Reading from Book versus e-Book: Inflexible Learners or Electronic Text's Poor Cognitive eErgonomics? - 30 min Conference Paper
Do books or E books best satisfy students' information needs?

Mike Horsley (Australia)
Reports from the Ecotone: Comparing Virtual and Real Resources in Classrooms - 30 min Conference Paper
It has been predicted that 'textbooks like other print cultures are expected to vanish into the internet trash compactor'. However, research conducted in school classrooms by the TREAT unit at the University of Sydney has found that books are used, albeit differently, in online learning environments.

Siong Hoe Lau (Malaysia)
Reusable Object-based Content for eBooks - Virtual Presentation
This paper proposes and describes the design and development of a reusable object-based approach for eBook content.

Dr Jack L. Hillwig (United Arab Emirates)
A Screenwriting Model for OnlineWriting: Redefining the Ways we Tell Stories - 30 min Conference Paper
Writing for online media requires a totally different method of storytelling. Screenwriting provides an ideal model for telling stories online.

Helen Amoriggi (Canada) Joel Bonn (Canada)
Shocking Results: Ten-year International Reading Research Study - 30 min Workshop
Motto of the 20th Century: Publish or Perish! And publish we did and how! Now we run the risk of 'perishing in a sea of ink', if not in the 'virtual webtide', by 2020 unless...

Antoni Jach (Australia)
Small Press Literary Publishing: Value Systems and Niche Publishing - 30 min Conference Paper
This paper looks at issues surrounding literary publishing in limited editions by small press publishers in Australia using two publishing houses as case studies.

David P Reiter (Australia)
Synergies Between Print and Digital Publishing: Five Years in the Life of an Australian Independent - 30 min Conference Paper
An Australian independent publisher's strategy for survival with a program of complementary print and digital titles

Robin Freeman (Australia)
Technology, Digital Rights and Content Management Systems—The Editor’s Friend? - 30 min Conference Paper
The importance to publishers, writers and readers of editorial 'ownership; of new technologies in book publication processes.

Penelope Lee (Australia)
Through Looking Glass Windows: Why the book of the future might be architecturally defined by the past - 30 min Conference Paper
How the Book is Reflected in the Stained Glass Windows of the Middle Ages and Projected Through the Electronic Windows of the Present

Serge Walberg (Australia)
Time-managing the New Cyberproletariat in the Virtual Workshop: Dispersed Development of IT/Multimedia Products and Services - 30 min Conference Paper
Time-managing the new cyberproletariat in the virtual workshop: dispersed development of IT/multimedia products and services requires new management methodologies

Michael Donovan (Australia)
To Watch, Hear and Re-learn: Electronic Re-vitalisation Tools for the Gumbaynggir Aboriginal Language - Virtual Presentation
This paper will present a project which was designed to support members who do not live in their traditional Aboriginal country and enable them to learn their Aboriginal language from available language speakers.

Stephanie K. Bacon (United States)
Training Designers for e and Post-e - 30 min Conference Paper
This paper concerns the visual design of books, and presents strategies of one design educator in preparing designers for a mercurial field. Slide lecture.

Sandy Cummins (Australia)
The Truth about Electronic Books: An Electronic Publisher's Perspective - 30 min Conference Paper
An inside look at the electronic publishing industry - the sales trends, current book formats, future book formats, distribution, technology implications and POD issues.

Sidin Ahmad Ishak (Malaysia)
Use of E-Book in Malaysian Smart School Pilot Project - Virtual Presentation
This paper examines the use of e-book in the Malaysian Smart School Project.

Susan Higgins (Australia)
The Value of Print Literacy - 30 min Conference Paper
The findings of this Delphi study supported the research hypothesis that in the Digital Age, books and reading are still keys to lifelong learning.

J. Madison Davis (United States)
What Do I Teach?: Taking Account of Technological Change in the Instruction of Professional Writing - Virtual Presentation
How will technology affect the art and craft of writing for commercial markets? Instructors must take these changes into account, as both medium and audience will change.

Tim Bulkeley (New Zealand)
When Information and Ideas Leap off the Page: An Online Bible Commentary Project - 30 min Conference Paper
Explores genre differences in humanities scholarly publication with respect to electronic and print medium. Discusses impact of hypertext medium on the genre commentary.

Dr. Jane Moore McGinn (United States)
Where are the 'Books'?: A Case Study of the Use of Print Monographs by Online Graduate Students for Writing Research Papers - Virtual Presentation
A case study of the use of print monographs by online graduate students for writing research papers.