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Technology, Digital Rights and Content Management Systems—The Editor’s Friend?

Robin Freeman.

New technologies of digitization and the Internet are changing book production process and nowhere is this more evident than in the editorial department. Already described as ‘the invisible profession’, editors fear exclusion from the new processes of content creation in favour of more technologically literate computer programmers and web designers. But the reality is that editorial intervention is more crucial to the creative process than ever before. Reliance on the experience of skilled editors can assist writers, designers, typesetters and even publishers and publicists to understand and accommodate to the new processes, creating books in more variable formats, more suited to the needs of individual readers. And new technologies that facilitate tracking information and content can greatly assist the editor in this task.


Robin Freeman  (Australia)

Robin Freeman is Publisher at Common Ground, with responsibility for producing a list of trade, academic and professional titles. Robin has fifteen years experience in educational and trade editing and publishing and a post-graduate qualification in professional writing and editing from Deakin University. As part of the RMIT EPICS project, she was a contributing researcher, writer and editor to Digital Rights Management and Content Creation: Technology Drivers Across the Book Production Supply Chain, from Creator To Consumer, (

  • Content creation
  • Digital rights management
  • New technologies
  • Book production
  • Editing

(30 min Conference Paper, English)