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Developing Knowledge Workers for the Graphic Arts and Related Industries into the 21st Century

Anni Rowland-Campbell.

The graphic arts and related industries must transform themselves both to survive into the 21st century, and to exploit the wealth of opportunities available as core elements within the "knowledge economy". Central to this is the evolution of an "educational mindset" which promotes "knowledge and people needs" rather than focusing predominantly on "manufacturing and technology needs". In fact, to survive and prosper the industry must place the educational needs of it's people before those driven by it's technology, and educate them to become "life-long learners".


Anni Rowland-Campbell  (Australia)
Executive Director

The GAMAA Education Programme

Exec. Director of GAMAA since 1996. Currently doing pre-study for a PhD in Educating the graphic arts and related industries to meet the needs of the Knowledge Economy into the 21st century.

  • Education and Development
  • On-going Learning
  • Progressive Learning

(30 min Conference Paper, English)