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Core Academic Medical Books: Electronic Indexing is the Difference

Danny L. O'Neal, Lee Ann Howlett.

The vast amount of academic health sciences information now available electronically has had a radical effect on the study of medicine. Due to the demand for online access, print medical books have taken a backseat to their electronic versions. Online core and reference medical books can be accessed from basically anywhere at anytime through use of a personal computer, laptop or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA.) The superiority of electronic indexing insures that students, professors and physicians are more easily able to pinpoint the information they seek. Researching online material offers opportunities not available in print. With the ability to search by author, subject terms, text words, and the inclusion of hyperlinks to other related sites, the possibilities appear endless. This information is available far more readily and is also updated on a continuous basis. With the constant reinvention and refinement of technology, this trend will only continue. Remote access and portability, in addition to the wealth of information provided through electronic indexing have already become what users in the health sciences not only prefer but also expect.


Danny L. O'Neal  (United States)
Associate University Librarian
Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Health Sciences Library
University of South Florida

Danny O'Neal has been a medical reference librarian for the past 9 years. He has published and presented at conferences on a variety of topics within the health sciences. He is active in local and national medical librarian organizations and is a senior member of the Association of Health Information Professionals.

Lee Ann Howlett  (United States)
Associate University Librarian
Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Health Sciences Library
University of South Florida

Lee Ann Howlett has been actively employed as a medical librarian for over 25 years with an emphasis on serials. She has also published numerous book reviews and non-fiction articles for children. She recently contributed a chapter to the upcoming book E-SERIALS COLLECTION MANAGEMENT due Fall 2003 from Haworth Press.

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