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Electronic Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Attitudes of a Sample of Canadian Academics

Keith Archer.

Scholarly publishing in the natural sciences, engineering and medicine has become characterized by more rapid dissemination through various means of electronic publishing. In the Social Sciences and Humanities, however, the shift to electronic publication has been slower. Nonetheless the shift in this respect has proceeded, and increasingly publication in the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines has moved towards electronic means.

Electronic publication opens a variety of publication options both in terms of the review process and in terms of the enhancement of paper-based publication. The degree to which any such options are integrated into electronic publications depends upon a variety of factors, not least of which are the attitudes of both the producers and consumers of scholarly publications.

This paper presents the results of a survey of the attitudes of a sample of faculty members in the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines in Canada, undertaken on behalf of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. It examines the extent to which scholars have used electronic publications outlets for their own scholarship, as well as for source materials. The study provides insight into the opportunities and potential pitfalls of electronic publishing for the Social Sciences and Humanities research communities.


Keith Archer  (Canada)
Department of Political Science
University of Calgary

I am Professor of Political Science at University of Calgary (Canada), currently holding an appointment as Visiting Fellow in Department of Political Science and International Studies at University of Queensland. Previously served as Chair of University of Calgary's Library Task Force, and member of the Library of the Future Task Force. Serve as editor of the journal, Canadian Journal of Higher Education.

  • Electronic publishing
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

(30 min Conference Paper, English)