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Fast-Foreword to April 23rd, 2020: If you're having a problem keeping up with your reading today... with the volume of print increasing exponentially, imagine how much farther behind you'll be in 2020... when e-publishing becomes the norm!

Joel Bonn, Helen Amoriggi.

This hour-long workshop on SpeedReading Productivity (c), offers 3 specific techniques that must be mastered by readers who want to cope with the deluge on page and screen in the year 2020. It will also examine how future readers must be trained to face the coming 'e-revolution' in the distribution, archiving and rapid retrieval of words.

A few lines from this Workshop:
"Trying to access the internet with the traditional reading skills, is like taking a sip out of a high pressure garden hose.... no, make that 1000 firehoses!"
"What the internet needs today is about 100,000 quick reading librarians!"
"There are 7 billion people on earth today... 5 billion of them are functionally illiterate... Yet Search engines note that there are now over 2 billion Web Sites!" - "At this rate, by 2020 we'll have 100 web sites per reader!
"Make reading matter in your life!"
"Archivists claim that only 1% of 'old data' has been digitized, and we thought the computer would save paper and shelf space."
"Unless we learn to deal with information overload faster and more efficiently, the world's readers will perish from publishing!"
The National Library of Australia has 9 km. of Shelf Space.. The US Library of Congress has over 540 miles.


Joel Bonn  (Canada)
Executive Director

International Dynamic Reading Ins SpeedReading Productivity 2020

Helen Amoriggi  (Canada)
Associate Professor

McGill University

  • Information overload
  • e-books
  • e-mail
  • Reading memory
  • Recall
  • Retrieval

(60 min Workshop, English)