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It's a Dead Cert: Fact and Fiction in Electronic Publishing

Dr Anne Galligan.

This paper critiques the language and enthusiasms of the writing and publishing communities in Australia as they responded to developments in electronic publishing. It will trace the enthusiasms of the 1990s, from early pronouncements that the book is dead, to sober confessions that the book is not dead - just very ill, to more recent claims that the book was indeed dead, but is now risen. What is always at stake in these grand statements is the credibility of the speaker. And it is the credibility of the speaker that has always been at the heart of the publishing industry: the authority of the writer, the imprint of the publishing house, the response of the reading community or target audience (if you are a marketer). This paper examines why the electronic publishing community cannot afford to ignore this significant ingredient for successful publishing practice.


Dr Anne Galligan  (Australia)
ARC Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Cultural and Media Policy
Griffith University

Dr. Anne Galligan was awarded an ARC Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Griffith University to continue her research on the culture and politics of the Australian publishing industry. She has published widely on publishing issues in Australia. Anne has taught in the Publishing and Editing Degree with the University of Southern Queensland. She is also a professional librarian.

  • Electronic Publishing
  • Publishing Practice
  • Publishing Ethos

(30 min Conference Paper, English)