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E-Transformation in the Book Production Industry: Building Capacity for a Future Knowledge-Intensive Environment.

Luke Naismith.

The deployment of digital technology is causing significant structural change to the Australian economy. E-Transformation is about integrating these technologies in new ways to explore and release new productive capacities. By promoting innovation and increasing flexibility through the effective use of ICTs, e-transformation creates significant change at the organisation-, sector- or economy-wide levels. This presentation will overview the impacts of these transformative technologies on the book production industry.


Luke Naismith  (Australia)
Policy Analyst
Forward Strategy Section Analysis Branch
National Office for the Information Economy

Mr Luke Naismith has been a policy analyst in NOIE since August 1999 and currently works in their Forward Strategy section. Recent areas of work have included research into knowledge management, future directions in technology architectures, and the effects of technological and structural convergence on Government policy and industry development. Prior to commencing with NOIE, Mr Naismith held senior positions in other Public Service departments managing information technology, information and knowledge management, and strategic planning.

  • Digital technology
  • ICT
  • Transformation
  • Skills
  • Convergence
  • Values
  • Innovation

(30 min Conference Paper, English)