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Shocking Results: Ten-year International Reading Research Study

Helen Amoriggi, Joel Bonn.

'This presentation is all about the 'Book of the Future from the reader's perspective'. In the last 10 years, e-publishing has exploded. While printing and publishing technology has galloped forward, churning out millions of words per second, the human reading rate has remained the same since the days of Sheng Pi and Gutenberg. This paper reports the results of a ten-year study and reveals one solution to "print and e-pollution" in the 21st Century.


Helen Amoriggi  (Canada)
Associate Professor

McGill University

Joel Bonn  (Canada)
Executive Director

International Dynamic Reading Ins SpeedReading Productivity 2020

  • Future
  • Technology
  • Reading rate
  • Information overload
  • Recall and retrieval
  • Productivity
  • Note-taking
  • New 3 Rs

(30 min Workshop, English)