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Use of E-Book in Malaysian Smart School Pilot Project

Sidin Ahmad Ishak.

Malaysian Ministry of Education in 2001 began a pilot project under the Smart School Program which aims at changing the education system from an exam-oriented culture to a thinking and creative knowledge culture. One of the features in this program is e-book.

In the pilot project which was conducted in 35 schools over a period of five months, the Ministry was interested to see how the new form of book can be used to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. The Ministry was also interested to investigate the use of e-book to replace conventional textbooks and thereby resolve the persistent problem of heavy school-bags.

This paper will look into the implementation of the project, the use of e-book and its implication on students’ academic performance. This study will also look at the teachers’ and students’ perceptions on the new methods of teaching.


Sidin Ahmad Ishak  (Malaysia)
Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
University of Malaya

Lecturer at the Department of Media Studies and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya.

  • E-book
  • Smart School
  • E-learning
  • Academic performance
  • Teachers' perception
  • Students' perception

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