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African American Women's Book Club: The Role of Reading in Their Lives

Dr. Michelle W. Sisson.

Hidden from mainstream view are literary societies and bookclubs created by African American women. The bookclubs offer a means of self-directed learning, meaning-making in a group, reading as personal pleasure, means of interacting with the community, and a sense of belonging. The bookclub studied made meaning as a group and as individuals. Both aspects are presented. The interview excerpts depict engaged, lifelong, literate, critical, and confident readers of texts rather than the oft-depicted low-literate population of African American adults.


Dr. Michelle W. Sisson  (United States)
Associate Professor of Middle, Secondary, and Adult Education
The College Of Education Department of Middle, Secondary and Adult Education
Armstrong Atlantic State University

Born in Savannah, Georgia, to Austrian mother and American father. Grew up playing the oboe, fishing, golfing, and playing baseball. Attended public schools, went to University of Georgia at age 18, returning home to teach high school for 16 years.

Finished master's degree in English Education, Doctoral degree in Adult Education/Language Education. Began university teaching and research in 1990-present. Living happily in
"Deep South" of U. S. with husband and daughter.

  • BookClub
  • African American Women
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Empowerment
  • Literacy

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