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Profitable Global Book Distribution

Bob Holt.

Speaker will present applications of using true Print-On-Demand to provide net profit, inventory-free, demand-driven global distribution. This new production and distribution method allows publishers to keep books in retail and wholesale markets while maintaining no inventory and incurring no printing or warehousing expenses. Books need never be out of print or unavailable again. Mr. Holt discusses the vital partners in this model, including R. R. Bowker and others. He also explains how over 500 publishers from all over the world, with books in multiple languages, are currently benefitting from this distribution model.


Bob Holt  (United States)
Chief Executive Officer

  • Global Distribution
  • Print-On-Demand
  • BookSurge
  • Demand-Driven
  • Inventory-Free
  • New Publishing Models

(60 min Workshop, English)