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The Book Industry and Knowledge Management Capacity Development: An Overview of the Learnings arising from the EPICS Scheme

Richard Vines.

The Australian Commonwealth Government is implementing a $240 million dollar package of measures known as the Book Industry Assistance Plan to provide support for printing, publishing, book selling, book authorship and library activities in Australia. Of this amount, $48 million has been provided over four years for Book Production Enhanced Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme (EPICS) grants.

The EPICS scheme has been designed primarily to assist the manufacturing sector within the Australian book production industry. But, with the impact of digitization, there is a great deal of confusion within the industry – even to the extent of what now is defined as manufacturing. The confusion starts with the language used to describe new book production processes and these terminologies are difficult to understand. Roles are even changing. There is talk of printers become communication solution providers, publishers becoming content and workflow managers, booksellers becoming knowledge brokers and even printers, libraries becoming digital warehouses and metadata managers, authors becoming content generators, typesetters becoming content aggregators.

This paper will provide a brief overview of the key learnings arising from the EPICS scheme. Topics will include:

Overview of EPICS Learnings:
What is the structure of the current book production industry in Australia?
What might be some of the strategic issues facing the industry?
Where are the growth prospects for the industry?
What can the print industry learn from the EPICS book industry scheme?
What should the print industry know about information management?
What should publishers know about content management?
What types of innovations might be supported to develop industry wide competitive advantage?
What are likely to be the evolving business models that deploy technologies and skills to the right places within the industry?
What industry are we actually talking about?

Towards a National Knowledge Management Publishing Strategy:
Capacity development clusters.
Governance of capacity development clusters.
Industry development and capacity development clusters.
International development and capacity development clusters.


Richard Vines  (Australia)
EPICS Client Manager

Printing Industries

Richard Vines is a consultant to the Printing Industries Association of Australia and the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (ITR). He has written extensively on the development of knowledge economy infrastructure and particularly the role that traditional communication sectors such as the print and graphic arts and IT sectors can play as support for upstream knowledge orientated service sectors.

  • Book Industry
  • Print Industry
  • Innovation
  • Technology transfer
  • Business models
  • Knowledge Management
  • Capacity Development
  • Industry Development
  • Leadership
  • Value Chain
  • Education and Training
  • Skills transfer

(60 min Workshop, English)