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E-Learning: A Case Study - How Online Educational Publishing can Meet 21st Century Learning Challenges - The MacquarieNet User as Author

Kylie Strange.

This paper discusses how one online educational publisher – MacquarieNet – is meeting the online resource needs of students and addressing new developments in interactive e-learning – allowing students to complement the existing online professional reference data with the results of their own active participation in real-world concrete research – by becoming digital authors.

Schoolmap is an area of MacquarieNet designed to enable students to database, map, graph, illustrate and publish online research and creative work related to their own local area. The student data becomes part of a national-scale database that can be compared with data from other schools and areas, and backed up by professionally prepared reference data. In addition to enhancing the outcomes of research, the student is taught valuable lessons in collecting, analyzing, and preparing data for publication.

This case study addresses some of the new challenges for educational publishers. Today, it is important for schools to provide an education that caters for students as individuals with different learning styles, levels of ability, points of view, prior knowledge, interests and passions.

Schools are looking for online educational e-learning products that are non-threatening, user-friendly and part of a blended learning approach that will – when used for certain tasks – save time and resources and enable teachers to reach students in a more effective way.

The immediate challenge lies in building on the quality information currently being provided to schools, by creating and repurposing content in new and varied formats. Providing information in an online format enables students to move from traditional browse-based, mono media research into search-based research of a varied range of up-to-date media. Ease of access to aggregated content aids in contextualizing learning for each student. The next challenge is to provide students with online tools to relate these results to examples and issues that are familiar in their everyday lives.


Kylie Strange  (Australia)

  • E-learning environments
  • The future of educational publishing
  • Navigating
  • Digital convergence
  • Repurposing
  • Readers as authors, editors

(30 min Conference Paper, English)