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The Impact of Technology Enabled Innovations on the Book Publishing Industry: An Exploration with Implications for Managerial Practices

Nina D. Ziv.

The introduction of technological innovations which either enable the development of digital-based content or deliver such content, into the traditional processes of creating and producing texts has created important managerial tensions within book publishing firms. These tensions include defining what a book is in light of the multi-dimensional content available as well as the development of new modes of delivery, e.g., e-books; defining the business of publishing, i.e., whether to remain focused on producing great content or become a more technologically oriented company in order to fully exploit and integrate the technological capabilities of these new media; developing the best organizational approach to adopt for meeting the challenge of publishing these new types of texts; and hiring the appropriate talent which have the particular skills needed for creating these new texts. While these tensions may be viewed as creating turmoil, they have been catalysts of change and are creating opportunities that will ultimately enable the industry to regenerate its businesses, reach a new generation of readers and create an environment that is more conducive to innovation.

Preliminary research findings on these emerging managerial tensions in book publishing firms will be presented. The paper will suggest that publishers should strive to design their organizations so that innovation can optimally take place. One possible approach is a hybrid model which combines a network-centric approach with a more traditional corporate-centric one. For this approach, managers need to reassess their traditional managerial styles, cultures and organizational structures in favor of an environment in which networks of users, alliances, partnerships, and other professionals outside the 'walls' of the corporation are just as important as what goes on inside the boundaries of the traditional organization. This may include partnering with technology companies, accessing the capabilities of professionals who can provide their expertise on the use of technology to enhance new publications, and listening to lead users who can provide feedback on the new media and thus co-create with the publishers.


Nina D. Ziv  (United States)
Industry Associate Professor
Department of Management
Institute for Technology and EnterprisePolytechnic University

Nina D. Ziv is Industry Associate Professor of Management at the Institute for Technology and Enterprise of Polytechnic University in New York City. Her research focuses on the transformation of the print media industry and on wireless innovation in the media industry.

  • Technology enabled innovations
  • Managerial practices

(30 min Conference Paper, English)