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To Watch, Hear and Re-learn: Electronic Re-vitalisation Tools for the Gumbaynggir Aboriginal Language

Michael Donovan.

This paper will present a project which was designed to support members who do not live in their traditional Aboriginal country and enable them to learn their Aboriginal language from available language speakers. This is done through the use of textual but more importantly verbal and visual cues into a multimedia format and onto a CD-rom so the language learners can see and hear the Gumbaynggir language being spoken to support their learning of their language. These tools should also re-vitalise other Aboriginal languages whose language speakers are extremely limited or now only surviving in a taped archival context. So archival language text can again become a living entity. It will also present how Community should maintain ownership of such knowledge and resources.


Michael Donovan  (Australia)
Lecturer in Aboriginal studies and Aboriginal education
Wollotuka, School of Aboriginal Studies. Faculty of Education and Arts.
University of Newcastle.

Professional I have had a diverse background with many experiences. Highlights being my alternative medical achievements and medical training. Working as an Aboriginal Education Assistant (AEA) and completing my Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) with Honours, which I should complete this year. My involvement with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) at all levels from State Executive to Local AECG involvement is another professional strength. Lecturer in Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal Education at the University of Newcastle since 1996, including participation in the development of undergraduate to coursework Master’s courses, from traditional Aboriginal society through to contemporary Aboriginal society and comparative Indigenous cultures.

  • Multimedia learning tools
  • Aboriginal language revitalisation

(Virtual Presentation, English)