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Freedom of (e) Choice: The Role of Ebooks in Academic Libraries

Margaret Gauld.

Academic libraries are still trying to determine where ebooks fit into their services and to what extent they should be used to replace or supplement the printed monograph. While digital books targeted at the scholarly community may be regarded as having a viable place in library collections, the role of ebooks in academic libraries in support of teaching, in particular at the undergraduate level, is less clear and has yet to be articulated by librarians. There are a number of issues to be considered, not the least of which is what the students themselves want. This paper will examine the various issues at stake, including the current options for libraries in terms of business models on offer from vendors, the role of the undergraduate textbook and the practical dilemmas caused by the lack of a standard format in ebook readers. It will also look at how ebooks are being used in some academic libraries and how the role of the ebook might develop in the future.


Margaret Gauld  (Australia)
Manager, Document Delivery
University Library
The University of Queensland

  • Acdemic libraries
  • University libraries
  • Ebooks
  • Print monographs

(30 min Conference Paper, English)