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History of the Book from Clay Tablets to the E-Book: Adult Learning Methods for Teaching about the Book

Sharon Wiseman.

The course was designed to explore the critical elements necessary for the book to evolve. The role of technology, social events, and the printing presses were explored. Most classes on this topic are done in lecture format. This class used adult learning principles that focused on experiential exercises, field trips, student presentations, and application exercises to libraries. The course was highly successful in moving students to integrate the learnings into their professional life.


Sharon Wiseman  (United States)

Sharon and her husband Dan have a consulting practice focused primarily on Libraries. Sharon has an MLS from Indiana University and MS from Holy Names College in California. She has worked in all types of libraries for almost 30 years. Her most recent position with as the Associate Director for Library Development at the Indiana State Library. Dan has been an organization development consultant for 30 years most recently as a senior organization effective specialist with United Airlines. He has an MS in Educational Psychology from Indiana University and doctoral work in Adult Education.

  • History of the book for Clay Tablets to the E-Book
  • Adult Learning Methods for Teaching about Book
  • Book as Artifact
  • Graduate Library Student approaches to the book
  • Innovations in teaching
  • Books and libraries
Person as Subject
  • Frederick G. Kilgour, Evolution of the Book James Joseph O'Donnell, Avatars of the Word

(60 min Workshop, English)