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The Value of Print Literacy

Susan Higgins.

Computers and technology are unlikely to replace books and reading in the education of young children for many reasons. Electronic technology is a better media to convey information that is largely factual, and convey understanding through better graphical displays, while print imparts knowledge in a more personal way than do computers. A better understanding of the uses of electronic technology in teaching and learning emerges through an examination of the opinions of teachers. They generally agree that no technology or media can ever replace the need for a vibrant print culture in the continued education of young children.


Susan Higgins  (Australia)
Lecturer in the School of Information Studies
Faculty of Science and Agriculture
Charles Sturt University

Susan Higgins, an American, has worked in public and academic libraries before beginning her teaching career. She has taught at Florida State University, The University of Arizona, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and most recently, Charles Sturt University in Australia

  • Print Literacy
  • Education for young children
  • Delphi Study

(30 min Conference Paper, English)