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The Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards and 'Literary Excellence'

Mark Macleod.

With limited library budgets and minimal reviewing of children's books in Australia's mainstream media, both educators and parents ensure that the Children's Book Council's Book of the Year Awards continue to sell more books than any other literary awards in Australia.

Through the shortlist and their long and prescriptive judges' reports, the CBC judges have repeatedly responded to criticism over fifty years, and to the growing number of children's choice awards, by insisting that the Book of the Year awards are for "literary excellence".

But what do they mean by "literary excellence"?

This paper takes a publisher's reading of changes in the shortlist, the judges' reports and publishers' responses to them and aims to clarify the Children's Book Council's understanding of the term and some of its consequences for young readers and for the adults involved at all stages in the production and consumption of books intended for them.


Mark Macleod  (Australia)
Mark Macleod Books
Hodder Headline Australia

  • Awards
  • CBC
  • Children's Book Council
Person as Subject
  • Jennings, Paul Griffiths, Andy Clark, Margaret Killeen, Gretel Gleitzman, Morris

(30 min Conference Paper, English)