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Reports from the Ecotone: Comparing Virtual and Real Resources in Classrooms

Mike Horsley.

It has been predicted that 'textbooks like other print cultures are expected to vanish into the internet trash compactor'. However, research conducted in school classrooms by the TREAT unit at the University of Sydney has found that books are used, albeit differently, in online learning environments.

This paper explores the information needs of learners and how those needs are met in classrooms. It uses the conceptual model of 'ecotone' from biology to explain how different learning resources are used by teachers and learners.


Mike Horsley  (Australia)
Teaching Resource and Textbook Research Unit
Faculty of Education University of Sydney Sydney 2006

Mike Horsley is the Chief Judge of the Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing and the Director of the TREAT, Textbook and Teaching resource Unit at the University of Sydney. He is a leading researcher in the classroom use of educational resources.

  • Textbooks
  • eLearning
  • Teaching and learning Resources
  • Information
  • Classroom research
  • Ecotone
  • Professional development Integrating ICT

(30 min Conference Paper, English)