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Birth, Death or Eternal Life? The Lifecycle of the Book: Preservation and Digitisation Initiatives at Auckland City Libraries in the 21st Century

Theresa Barbara Graham.

It has become clear that without effective preservation policies and practices that there will be no ongoing access to the taonga we care for at Auckland City Libraries. While digitisation of selected images and papers is a global way in which to widen access to such treasures, it is not in itself a preservation solution. There is an urgent need I believe for critical consideration to be given by Heritage professionals re what artefacts are digitised. Regional and national collaboration, still in its infancy in New Zealand may well be the way forward .

In this paper I will outline initiatives I have led in Auckland in the field of collaborative projects, external sponsorship and gaining community support for digital and preservation projects.I will explore the concept of the "life cycle" of the book within the context of the collections and services at the Heritage and Research Department in Auckland City Libraries.


Theresa Barbara Graham  (New Zealand)
Heritage Manager
Heritage & Research Cluster
Auckland City Libraries

I am a graduate of the University of Auckland (MA hons. english), of the NZ library School (Dip.NZLS) and have a fellowship of the Library Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa.

I have had over twenty years experience in the field of New Zealand and Pacific and heritage librarianship, working both in the university and public library sectors. I have led initiatives for fundraising c$1million dollars for the ongoing preservation of these heritage collections and have published in the field of heritage librarianship in New Zealand and explored the issues of preservation management and digitisation of our unique heritage resources.

I have worked for the past ten years as Heritage Manager at Auckland City Library. The library has an extraordinarily diverse and rich collection of international and national paper and digital heritage resources.

  • Taonga
  • Heritage
  • Preservation
  • Digitisation
  • Collaboration
  • Sponsorship
  • Life cycle
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Manuscripts
  • Grey

(30 min Conference Paper, English)