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Halflives: A Mystory

Lisa Gye.

The Halflives project is an online hypertext that is comprised of family archive material (images and documents), family stories and memories, theoretical speculations and personal narratives. As a research project, its aim was to explore the ways in which learning may be transformed by online writing environments.This paper will examine the construction of the Halflives site and will reflect on how hypertext can be approached as a writing environment rather than as a delivery system in education.


Lisa Gye  (Australia)
Media and Communications
Swinburne University of Technology

Lisa Gye is a lecturer in Media and Communications and her research interests include critical theory and new media, media production, alternative media practices and authoring for new media such as the World Wide Web. Her web-based project, Halflives, is about to begin a regional tour as part of Elastic for Interact 2002 and was recently archived by the National Library of Australia as a site of national significance in the PANDORA archive.

  • Hypertext
  • Online writing
  • Knowledge acquistion
  • Archive
  • Mystoriography

(Virtual Presentation, English)