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Training Designers for e and Post-e

Stephanie K. Bacon.

Book design, as manifest in typography, illustration, ornament, layout, bindery, etc., has defined the 'user interface' of the book since the inception of printing. Historically, those involved in the design of books have included printers and publishers, authors and artists, but today the task is most often the purview of the graphic designer. While they have been as often commended for the invisibility or transparency of their work as for its innovation or ostentation, designers have always had a guiding hand in the physical and visual form of the book.

Are the traditional design skills and values, i.e. clarity of communication in typography, formal balance, aesthetic appropriateness, sensitivity to content and style still relevant in the new milieu of electronic book and content delivery? What additional skills and aptitudes might designers need to bring to the table? And what kind of preparation will enable new professionals to jump into this mercurial field where change sometimes seems the most reliable constant and make meaningful creative contributions?

Clearly, the conceptual preparation of the designer is as important as the requisite aesthetic and technical skills. As a design educator I am involved in an ongoing recreation of curriculum, in hopes of addressing these concerns in an elastic and relevant manner. In this paper I hope to share the results of some experimental strategies that I have employed in the classroom. The clearest and strongest presentation of this work is in visual form; therefore my paper would take the form of a slide lecture, primarily illustrated by examples of my students work on projects and researches which I have devised for them.


Stephanie K. Bacon  (United States)
Associate Professor
Art Department
Boise State University

Stephanie Bacon has been professionally active as a graphic designer, artist, writer and new media designer. She joined the faculty of Boise State University in 1996 as a design educator.

  • Book Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Design Pedagogy
  • New Media Design
  • Design Education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)