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The Application of eBook Technology in Australia

Mike Ottoy.

This workshop takes a look at the development of eBook technology, both hardware and software, and it's application, particularly across the non-consumer markets in Australia.

eBook technology was first introduced into this country about four years ago. Since that time the application of this technology has been tested within a number of industry segments including lending libraries, education, defence, airlines, private enterprise and local government. In this workshop we will be examining some of these applications. We will look at the anticipated benefits alongside the perceived shortcomings of the technology in delivering complete solutions, and will explore the future directions of some of the world's eBook manufacturers.


Mike Ottoy  (Australia)
Chief Executive Officer

eInfo Solutions

Mike Ottoy is the Chief Executive Officer of eInfo Solutions, Australia's eBook technology specialists. Over the past 4 years, he and his company have partnered with the world's major manufacturers of eBook devices, and, with the addition of their own software, have come to be acknowledged globally for the industrial application of this technology. Mike Ottoy has been an IT professional for 36 years, initially at London University and subsequently within senior management roles at USA and Japanese hi-tech manufacturing companies. He has significant experience in systems development and integration and has been running his own company for the past 11 years.

  • eBook Hardware and Software.
  • Application of eBook Technology.
  • eBook Lending Library.
  • eBook Technology in Industry.

(60 min Workshop, English)