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Synergies Between Print and Digital Publishing: Five Years in the Life of an Australian Independent

David P Reiter.

Australian independent literary publishers are an endangered species. Faced with a static, and even diminishing, market for print publications, indifferent booksellers, and a screen-centric population, small publishers must be street-wise to survive. With three imprints (two print and one digital), and a rapidly expanding list of titles, Interactive Publications (IP) has gained national credibility not only as a publisher of award-winning print titles but also as an innovator in the digital arena. This presentation will detail IP's strategy for success through streamlined publishing processes and effective online promotion through its interactive website.


David P Reiter  (Australia)

Interactive Publications Pty Ltd

Multi-award winning author of poetry, fiction, scripts, and literary multimedia, Dr Reiter set up the Electronic Publishing course at the Univ of Canberra. Now Director of IP, a street-wise Brisbane independent publishing house, Dr Reiter has led workshops on e-publishing in Australia and overseas.

  • State-of-the-art Publishing Practices
  • Digital and Print Publishing
  • Publishing On-Demand
  • Literary Multimedia
  • Online Promotion
  • Value-adding to Text
Person as Subject
  • Reiter, David P

(30 min Conference Paper, English)