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Amazing books – incredible stories – The Centre of the Idea at the State Library of Queensland

Lea Giles-Peters.

The transfer of ideas and knowledge throughout time has taken many forms. The Centre of the Idea is a journey of discovery and celebration of this diversity. It is also a place for the creation of new knowledge and content in new formats. The Centre of the Idea looks at redefining the concept of the book, both from the past and into the digital age.


Lea Giles-Peters  (Australia)
State Librarian

State Library of Queensland

Lea Giles-Peters was appointed State Librarian in 2001; the first female State Librarian for Queensland. Ms Giles-Peters was formerly Director, Northern Territory Library and Information Service. Previous positions include Assistant Secretary, Northern Territory Department of Housing and Local Government and Manager, CSIRO Library Network and Information Services. She is an advocate of digital technology, is very strongly people-focussed and has a special interest in Indigenous services.


(30 min Conference Paper, English)