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Nothing New Under the Sun: Repurposing Content in Publishing, some Theoretical Perspectives and an Historical Case Study

Iain Stevenson.

Repurposing is seen by many as an innovation in publishing information, facilitated by advances in electronic communication and delivery. This paper argues that the concept has in fact been around for a great deal longer than its proponents claim and indeed was a fundamental editorial strategy in the traditional world of print publishing. The subject is introduced by some theoretical discussion of the concept and its application and illustrates the argument with a case study of the Canadian Pacific Foundation Library a repurposed publishing venture in education and information publishing from the 1930s.


Iain Stevenson  (United Kingdom)
Course Director
Department of Journalism
City University

  • Repurposing
  • Electronic publishing
  • Content management
  • Slice and dice
  • Canadian Pacific Railway.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)