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Interactive Multimedia E-Textbooks and Learning Psychology

Kwan-Yau Lam.

It is a common contention that computer technology would help students in their learning. However, the question is: How and why? Based on her experience teaching computer and information system courses in a community college, the author has observed that students demonstrate higher level of interest and better conceptual understanding when learning with interactive multimedia computer simulations. It is therefore suggested here that e-textbooks should by all means incorporate interactive multimedia technology. This paper will examine how and why interactive multimedia can add new dimensions to learning and make an e-textbook essentially different from its traditional print counterpart. Specific characteristics of interactive multimedia that can enhance and enrich a student?s learning experience will be discussed from the perspective of cognitive psychology and constructivist learning theory.


Kwan-Yau Lam  (United States)
Assistant Professor / Librarian

Truman College

  • Interactive Multimedia
  • E-Textbook
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Constructivist Learning Theory

(Virtual Presentation, English)