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The Better Book: Adding Value to Text Books

Manfred Breede.

In this paper the enduring value books and methods to enhance their usefulness will be discussed by way of integrating text books with interactive software.

The material will be based on an actual textbook and software project the author has created in 1999, which was subsequently published by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (Handbook of Graphic Arts Equations, Abacus software, GATF, 1999).

Topics to be discussed are the meaning of interactive software in the context of textbook creation, the rational for combining interactive software with textbooks, the types of textbooks that benefit from this approach and programming tools that can be utilized to produce fully integrated text book/software learning tools that provides the readers with indexing, searching and interactive problem solving modules.

The paper will conclude with an assessment of the effectiveness of this learning tool in the author's own teaching environment at Ryerson University's School of Graphic Communications Management.


Manfred Breede  (Canada)
School of Graphic Communications Management
Ryerson University

Born in Hamburg, Germany.
Emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1967.
Taught many years in Quebec High Schools. before accepting a university teaching position in Toronto, Canada in 1987.

  • Text books
  • Interactive software

(Virtual Presentation, English)