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eReadings: New Rendering over Old Brick?

Ebe Kartus.

Prescribed readings have become an integral part of academic life. With the signing of the AVCC-CAL agreement the types of access university libraries are able to provide to these materials has changed and will continue to do so.

At Deakin University we provide a service called Electronic Readings. This consists mostly of making journal articles and book chapters that are either prescribed or suggested readings available to students electronically. Most of these items are digitized inhouse. All items comply with the copyright law.

The paper will provide a brief outline of Deakin University's current procedures. It will discuss the future vision for this service, including greater linkages between the items, which are accessible via the Library catalogue, and the learning management system. Questions regarding how alternative renderings could be more easily obtained will also be raised. Other issues covered will include discussion on the need for digital object identifiers for material to a fine level of granularity.


Ebe Kartus
Metadata Librarian
Digital Environment Unit

  • Electronic readings
  • Deakin University
  • Prescribed readings

(30 min Conference Paper, English)