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Print. Is it Integral to the Learning Environment?: The Relationship Between Print and Academic Strategies for the Australasian Tertiary Sector

Tony Burch, Wayne Riggall.

Recent research by one of the co-authors into use of print-on-demand in the Australian Tertiary Sector, but using a limited sample size, indicated tertiary print facilities did not consider their operations to be integral to university strategy. Whilst the sector was once at the cutting-edge of print technology, hardware and software was now dated, the use of digitally-sourced (and controlled) material was limited, and print facilities were not positioned strategically to promote their role in the application of new technologies.

The sector seeks alternative publishing genres, thus perhaps marginalising their print facilities, and there is a confused sense of direction, with new print technology an uncertain fit in this environment.

Given that print has traditionally been integral to the learning environment, this paper seeks additional information from the Australian Tertiary Sector to confirm or qualify the earlier research; similar research into the New Zealand Tertiary Sector; and provide a case-study into one University's approach to making print truly integral and relevant to their learning environment.


Tony Burch  (Australia)
Print Industry Consultant
Self Employed
RMIT University C-2-C Research Committee

A printing industry consultant and researcher with lengthy career, at senior management levels across production, operations, general and sales management, and finance and admin, at organisations and/or sections ranging from 40 to 240 employees. Product experience includes books and publishing, business forms, diaries, specialist stationery products, community newspapers, web and sheet-fed colour, and digital print. Member of the RMIT C-2-C Research Committee and has published 2 papers for that committee.

Wayne Riggall  (New Zealand)

  • Print in The Learning Environment
  • Tertiary Sector Use of Print
  • Academic Sector Use of Print
  • Printing Strategies in Academia
  • Print as an Effective University Communication Tool
  • Print Technology in The Australasian Tertiary Sector
  • Digital Print
  • Printed Books in the Tertiary Sector
  • Publishing Alternatives to Print

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