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E-volving, E-xciting. E-vanish?

Carolyne Cohn, Chris von Hinckledey.

Many changes have happened in the bookselling arena in the last five years at the same time as changes are happening in libraries too. We will discuss issues we have seen and that we believe will be of importance in the coming years. These will include budgets, publishing trends, wider service offerings, ebooks and continually evolving market needs.


Carolyne Cohn  (Australia)
ANZ Sales Manager
Sales & Marketing
Blackwell's Book Services

Carolyne worked in federal government libraries, including 12 years as Acquisitions Librarian at the Parliamentary Library in Canberra. From there she joined the seriasl agents Faxon and then Swets. Six years ago she joined Blackwell's and for the last three years has had responsibility for Blackwell's Book Services sales in Australia and New Zealand.

Chris von Hinckledey  (Australia)

  • Publishing trends
  • eBooks
  • Budgets
  • Libraries

(30 min Conference Paper, English)